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Bluesky's low wing. With a wingspan of 1.3m, the kit promises a more sporty and dynamic flight, performing basic maneuvers from a scale flight to those for more daring pilots. It can be combustion or electric motorized. Get yours and feel this emotion!

The kit contains all laser-cut wooden parts, perspective plan and instruction manual, 3mm aluminum main landing gear, control wires.

Not included in the kit:
glues, motorization, on-board electronics, linkage, hinges, horns, covering, wheels and tailwheel.

Length: 110cm
Wingspan: 130cm

Combustion SETUP:

Engine: 42
Propeller: (see engine)
2 standard servos (elevator and rudder)
2 Servos 17g (ailerons)

Electrical SETUP:

Motor: 3542 1250kv or similar
Propeller: see engine
2 standard servos (elevator and rudder)
2 Servos 17g (ailerons)
Battery: 2200mha 3s (2x) connected in parallel to give Cg


$ 155,00

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