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Motor glider with a wingspan of 1.94 meters, tri-split wing, 4 channels, falling into the FAI category F5L-RES (rudder, elevator, spoiler). Its flight is docile and precise. A new experience for Bluesky and for you.

The kit contains all laser-cut wooden parts, cable and conduit for linking, carbon joiners, as well as a perspective plan and instruction manual.

The kit does not include:

glues, embedded electronics, linking, stickers and covering.



Length: 117cm

Wingspan: 194cm


Engine: 2212 2200kv

Battery: 500~900mha / 2s

ESC: 30A

Propeller: 9X6 (folding)

Spinner 38mm

3 servos 9g  

$ 110.00

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